The League of Kitchens

Today I want to share a story I heard on one of my favorite radio shows, The Splendid Table. If you aren’t acquainted with this fabulous resource, I’m so happy to be the one to introduce you to it! It’s carried on many NPR affiliate stations – check the Splendid Table website to find one in your area or you can stream the shows. And while you’re there, take a good look around; you’re sure to find inspiration and solid advice.

The League of Kitchens is Lisa Gross’s brilliant creation that sprang from her desire to learn how to cook ethnic foods from immigrant home cooks. If you are in New York City, look them up and enroll in a workshop. The rest of us will have to look around and see if we can arrange something like this in our own cities.

Here’s a link to the episode:


About Elaine Garris

I spend my days talking, teaching, writing, laughing, walking, and enjoying meals with my family and friends. I like those meals to taste good and provide good fuel for all the rest of the things I do.
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