As I was searching for a recipe one day I realized that in addition to my shelf of beloved cookbooks, the Internet – that great resource in cyberspace – delivers recipes and ideas to me from people all over the world. It’s my electric cookbook.

This blog features what I have learned and grown passionate about in forty years of cooking. My husband grew up nourished by his Quebecois mom’s beautiful food. My mom was great but her talent wasn’t cooking. With my mother-in-law and my friend Geri McDonald (the best food and cooking describer I have ever known) as guides, I learned one dish and then another, and the methods that made each one not just edible but memorable.

In this age of mass-produced, cheap ingredient foodstuffs, feeding ourselves has never been more important. The flip side of that is that we’re enjoying the renaissance of locally produced meat, eggs, grains, and produce; we get to cook with gorgeous, fresh ingredients that truly nourish us.

I hope you will find great recipes here and learn techniques that you’ll use with all of your cooking. Many of the posts will be from my own recipes and you’ll also be introduced to recipes and cooks that I rely upon for their consistently delicious contributions to the way we eat now.

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